The Big Debate: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook IPO is done with and the stock is not performing as well as it was expected to. Its revenues and profit in 2012 Q1 went down, and advertisers like GM have pulled out their ad campaign on Facebook saying that ad on Facebook are “ineffective”, but that Facebook Pages are “efficient and important.” So […]

How Social Media is Helping Online Casinos

There was a time when you actually had to visit a casino (preferably in Vegas) to gamble away your money. But then came the internet and like everything else, gambling also went online. Online casinos started to become popular in the 1990s. Over the next two decades the online gaming industry in general has exploded into […]

Top Inbound Marketing Tools for Marketers: Part-1

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is all about drawing customers in instead of going all out to get them and there are a number of inbound marketing tools that help you do just that — make the honey-trap sweeter and harder to ignore for one’s customers, actual or potential. In this day and age […]

The Dark Knight Rises: Viral Marketing Campaign

And so the hunt begins. For the fans of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, the final installment of this trilogy, is the most anticipated movie of the year. Any tidbit about the movie is lapped up, broken down and brutally analyzed by raving fans across the globe. To cater to their core fan base, Warner […]

Prometheus: The Viral Marketing Phenomenon

2012. History will remember this year. At the least the movie buffs will. The biggest movies, the biggest stars, from hammer wielding superheroes to a re-imagined dark snow white, from smooth talking, martini sipping James Bond to the unassuming hairy feet hobbits, all are invited to the party. Some are spawned (Avengers), some are re-spawned (The Amazing Spiderman), […]

How has Facebook Emerged as a Powerful Marketing Tool?

Not a day goes by without us logging into Facebook/twitter to post or to check updates of our friends. What began as an online socialization tool, which people used from their computers, has moved to be more than just that. With the advent of smartphones, the social media power has just increased manifold. People now […]

Jabong Scores on Multiple Fronts

The number of online retailers in third world countries have mushroomed in the recent times. Among the lot, one company that stands out is How do they manage to come to prominent view? As one browses the internet, one cannot ignore the presence of Jabong ads on the web. Jabong has spent a fortune […]

Stranger Networking: Airtime and The Social Butterflies

Alright, we once lived in caves, and drove carts with wheels made of rocks, and then industrialization happened, and we became global, internet happened, we became connected, and social networking happened, and all of a sudden, we changed the way we communicate! Bizarre? Isn’t it? Social media has in one way put a fence around […]