Warm Markets Vs. Cold Markets

In sales and direct marketing terminology warm market and cold market are simply different types of a customer base a direct marketer or a salesman has. Warm Market A target audience with whom you have interacted earlier or have some kind of personal/professional relationship would be your warm market. “Warm” because these people would be […]

2 Must Know Marketing and Sales Factors: Part-8

Just wondering how digital marketing works and what should I know? Then this is the right place to begin. Let us know the basic set of jargons first to begin with: 1. Buzz Marketing Buzz marketing, or viral marketing, or viral advertising refers to the use of existing social networks among people to create awareness […]

Sales and Business Development Explained

Today I am going to attempt and put the very common question, “What is the difference between Sales and Business Development?”, to rest. There have been instances where organizations have both sales and business development as different, independent functions. On the other hand there have also been organizations which refer to their sales soldiers, as […]