What is Double Loop Marketing?

Double loop marketing is a term coined by online marketing consultant Christian Sarkar. It is simply the notion that in today knowledge driven world, marketing should also be knowledge driven and not product driven. The first loop in double loop marketing is creating a “mind share” amongst prospective customers by creating a knowledge (or information) […]

The Psychology of Advertising

What is the psychology of advertising? How to advertisers influence the consumer through the clever use of psychological principles? These are some of the questions every serious student of advertising needs to understand to create and deliver ads that work. According to the infographic below from BuySellAds.com, Each of us is subjected to 3000 to […]

15 Brand Failures: Advertising Mistakes & Cultural Blunders

With global brands, the issue of homogenization of the brand communication into the local language (specially in Latin America and East Asian countries) is of critical importance. But when such brands ignore proper research or are simply careless, the mistakes that happen are often quite hilarious, even though they are unintentional. Such brand failures or advertising blunders […]

Top 9 Useful Apps for Small Business Owners

We are living in the age of smart phones, mobile devices and applications. While most of the popular apps are either games or useful for everyone using a smart phone, there are some very useful apps for small business owners. Given below is a list of nine such apps. Most of these are popular but […]

Search Engine Submission: The Myth, The Truth and The Tips

Search Engine Submission is the process of submitting a website directly to a search engine for listing in its index.  While webmasters usually submit their website manually to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, almost all SEO software facilitate submission to hundreds of other search engine automatically. Before moving ahead let […]

Google Facts: The past, The Present & The Future

From a startup to a technology giant, the journey has been quite eventful. Here is an informative infographic from DPFOC full of Google facts, it’s journey till now and the road ahead. But first, a thought on how important Google has become Google is the King of our information age. It accumulates, manages and presents information like no […]

Transactional Emails Can Boost Your Email Marketing

Transactional emails can give your email marketing campaign the kind of boost that makes an enormous difference in terms of final sales and conversion rates. Just what are transactional emails then? As this awesome infographic by the folks at Easy SMTP, explains, they’re essentially one-at-a-time email messages that you send to your existing users and […]

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip Marketing is a marketing communication strategy that uses a series of pre defined communication messages (or “drips”) sent over an extended period, at regular intervals. The idea is to insinuate a promotional message gently and steadily into the minds of target audiences, instead of bulldozing it through an ad blitzkrieg. This technique is particularly […]

50 Marketing Concepts Every Marketer Should Know

Over the last few years we have published hundreds of articles about various marketing concepts, how to guides, marketing and brand lists, brand stories, creative ads, marketing and advertising news, etc. Given below is a selection some of the important marketing concepts that we have written about. Some of these marketing concepts are quite common […]

Using Consumer Insight for Better Strategic Planning

Deep consumer insight is the definite key to taming the long term strategic planning beast. And by taming this beast and learning to coordinate it well, you and your company can learn to navigate successfully in any sort of competitive environment. How? By understanding your customers, goals and current position so well that you can make […]