The Big Debate: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook IPO is done with and the stock is not performing as well as it was expected to. Its revenues and profit in 2012 Q1 went down, and advertisers like GM have pulled out their ad campaign on Facebook saying that ad on Facebook are “ineffective”, but that Facebook Pages are “efficient and important.” So […]

A Real Hug via Facebook Like!

If you are one of those who have got bored of “liking” things on Facebook and something more from their social media experience, a group of three MIT students may have found something exciting for you – a vest that translates a Facebook “like” into a a real hug! Now that’s taking Facebook experience to […]

The Magical Tale of Facebook, Chairs and The Universe

What does chairs, bridges, doorbells, airplanes, games have to do with Facebook? Fair question. The answer to which is fairly simple, once you look at the ad that Facebook released to celebrate its “1 billionth” user. Using chair as a metaphor they have tried to convey our need to connect with each other. Never in […]

How has Facebook Emerged as a Powerful Marketing Tool?

Not a day goes by without us logging into Facebook/twitter to post or to check updates of our friends. What began as an online socialization tool, which people used from their computers, has moved to be more than just that. With the advent of smartphones, the social media power has just increased manifold. People now […]