How to Snag The Big New Clients in Direct Marketing

In business, you need clients. And when those clients come in, pay for your wares, and exit happily, you feel a well-earned sense of achievement. However, there’s a lot of baggage that comes with having clients in the business world. One is holding on to them. You need to keep them interested in what you […]

Warm Markets Vs. Cold Markets

In sales and direct marketing terminology warm market and cold market are simply different types of a customer base a direct marketer or a salesman has. Warm Market A target audience with whom you have interacted earlier or have some kind of personal/professional relationship would be your warm market. “Warm” because these people would be […]

What is Square Inch Analysis in Direct Marketing?

Square inch analysis is a method used by direct marketers to determine the relative profitability of products displayed in mail order/direct marketing catalogs. Once this analysis is done it becomes easier for direct marketers to assign positions to each product, corresponding to their performance, to get the optimum results from their direct marketing campaigns. Catalog […]

5 Must Know Digital Marketing and Sales Definitions and Facts: Part-2

Just wondering how digital marketing works and what should I know? Then this is the right place to begin. Let us know the basic set of jargons first to begin with: 1. Surrogate Advertising Have you ever thought “Why is Kingfisher, an alcohol brand, marketing drinking water?” It is because of the phenomenon called ‘Surrogate […]

Best Direct Marketing Methods to Reach Customers

All effective direct marketing methods seek to optimize the beneficial characteristics of direct marketing. A primary characteristic is the traceability and measurability of the responses to the marketing communication and customer engagement efforts. Another prominent feature of direct marketing is that the communication is framed such that it seeks to mobilize the target audience to […]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Email Open Rate

What is Email Open Rate? Keeping track of email open rate is vital for direct and inbound marketers as this metric enables them to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaign and marketing communication efforts. All efforts and resources that went into creating the email marketing content would go waste if a considerable chunk of the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

We discussed direct marketing and its various methods in one of our recent posts. In this article we will discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing. There are certain benefits and drawbacks to each method and a marketer must take care and be responsible with the customer information that he/she holds. A direct marketer […]

6 Direct Marketing Tips That Work

In one of our recent posts, we discussed some of the biggest advantages and some serious challenges of direct marketing. Following are some direct marketing tips that will help optimize direct marketing efforts for maximum gains and minimum waste in efforts and resources. Direct Marketing Tools Use email marketing and inbound marketing tools to ensure […]