What is Subliminal Advertising?

In his 1957 book, The Hidden Persuaders (Longman Green, London), Vance Packard, suggest a theory that a particular advertising technique could persuade consumers to buy anything, without them even knowing that they were being influenced. This technique came to be known as subliminal advertising. It comprised of inserting a single still image frame, containing a […]

The Psychology of Advertising

What is the psychology of advertising? How to advertisers influence the consumer through the clever use of psychological principles? These are some of the questions every serious student of advertising needs to understand to create and deliver ads that work. According to the infographic below from BuySellAds.com, Each of us is subjected to 3000 to […]

What is A/B Testing in Marketing?

In marketing, A/B testing (or A/B split testing) is a term used for experimenting on two versions (A and B) of a design element (of ad, web page, email, sales copy or any other marketing element that needs to be tested) against a defined metric. Both the versions are implemented simultaneously and the one producing […]

4 Interesting Ads That Make You Look Twice: Part-1

1. The quirkiest brand The business of brands works on differentiating from others. The best brand that has carved a niche for itself in this sense is Virgin. And, their differentiator is not about the product offering. It is built on brand behavior – quirkiness. Act your part It is easy to pick a differentiator […]

5 Must Know Digital Marketing and Sales Definitions and Facts: Part-4

Just wondering how digital marketing works and what should I know? Then this is the right place to begin. Let us know the basic set of jargons first to begin with: 1. Shockvertising Today’s advertising environment is filled with loads of content that it has become a herculean task to catch the attention of the […]

What is AIDA Model in Marketing Communication?

AIDA model is a marketing communication process which is used by marketers to make their target customers make a purchase or take the desired action. It starts with sending out a communication message (typically through advertising) and ends with the purchase of the product or any desired action. The Need for AIDA Model All forms […]

Google Chrome: Tanjore-The Web is what YOU make of it

For a company that generates 95% of its revenues through ads, Google has been pretty shy in its marketing efforts, letting its products and its happy users do most of the talking. The tech junta lives and dies by Google, but for the rest of the world who doesn’t live on the internet 24×7, its […]

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

This is the 2nd TVC in the “The Web Is What You Make of it” campaign for Google Chrome. You can read about the first part here The first commercial focused on providing a business solution, but for this one, Google goes for the jugular. The “Awwww” factor. Take a look for yourself and after […]

Samsung Galaxy Note: Peter the Elephant

Product: Samsung Galaxy Note Creative Agency: The Viral Factory I wonder what must have gone through the creative team’s head, when they first set their eyes on this monstrous freak of a phone. What would have been the discussion like inside the board room, the brainstorming sessions, ideas after ideas thrown at the dustbin, slowly realizing […]

Samsung Galaxy S3: Designed for Humans

Why Samsung why? Why would you want to destroy the goodwill of the Galaxy S brand with such a flimsy marketing. “Designed for Humans” ,who comes up with that? Our Alien overlords who think of us as petty bugs or Planet of the Apes came to fruition and the apes rule the world now. A great […]